Watermelon, Feta, and Mint

I love hosting my book club. It gives me an excuse once a month to make a mix of delicious snacks to be enjoyed over wine and great conversation. I especially love summer book club, as it means it doesn’t take much to put together something delicious and refreshing.

Now nothing screams summer fruit more to me than juicy watermelon, and as I was craving a watermelon salad, I thought about a way I could turn the craving into an easy snack for my fellow book club members. This led me to watermelon, feta, and mint bites, a simple dish that would be easy to prepare and beautiful on the serving plate.

As book club fell on a particularly warm day last week, I paired the refreshing treat with a Riesling. With great acidity and fruitiness, the Riesling complemented the light summer book club snack in all the right ways.

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The Ingredients

  • Bunch of mint
  • Half or whole watermelon, depending on how many pieces you want to serve (or you can buy it pre-cubed, but the cubes will be more uniform if you cut them yourself)
  • Sliced feta (I would not suggest buying the crumbles; it’s better to cut the cubes yourself)
  • Toothpicks

Step One

Rinse your mint and tear off the leaves.

Step Two

Cut your watermelon into cubes and set aside. If you’re buying it pre-cubed, find the most solid pieces that won’t fall apart when you place a toothpick inside.

Step Three

Cut your feta blocks into cubes that are approximately the width of your watermelon cubes. If you’re buying crumbled feta, pick out the biggest pieces and set aside.

Step Four

To assemble your watermelon, feta, and mint snacks, place the cubes of watermelon on your serving dish. Add a piece of mint on top of each one. Top with a cube of feta. (You can also add the feta first and top it with the mint.) Stick a toothpick through the center of each bite and voilà!
Feta, Mint, Watermelon