As you may know, lately we’ve been rolling our eyes at the many blind tasting videos claiming that expensive wine is for suckers. These videos claim that because certain people can’t tell the difference between cheap wine and expensive wine, that expensive wine in general is a waste of money. Look, don’t get us wrong – here at VinePair we’re huge proponents of drinking what you like. If you prefer two-buck Chuck, that’s great. If you’d rather drink an expensive bottle of wine with some fast food, more power to you. We don’t like knocking booze at any price point, whether it’s discount hooch or upscale vino.

With this in mind, we decided to try one of these blind tasting experiments for ourselves. However, instead of tasting wines of varying prices, we decided to try differently priced steaks. Does a $19 steak taste like a $50 steak? We’re about to find out…

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