A day at the football stadium usually starts with a pregame tailgate, and for good reason — the prices of your basic macro lagers at NFL stadiums range from high to levels that would probably be considered price gouging in the wake of a natural disaster. Even at these levels, there’s a wide range in just how much the cheapest beer will cost you at the league’s stadiums. The infographic below reveals the prices (and prices per ounce) for the cheapest small beer at every NFL stadium, based on data which the folks at The Marketing Report have been collecting for years. With the beer prices Eagles fans have to endure, we’re surprised Lincoln Financial Field gets by without its own jail, like the one at the Vet.

* Some fans will point out that the prices on the low end don’t seem to jive with their game day reality. In some cases the cheapest beers are only available at a limited number of concession outlets, which creates some of the confusion.

The Price Of A Beer At Every NFL Football Stadium In 2015

Featured image via johnseb/flickr