I crave pizza all the time, but some weeks more than others. This past weekend the craving was particularly strong, and by Sunday night, I knew pizza was in my future.

I feel like a terrible New Yorker saying this, but over the past few years, my wife and I have actually preferred to make our own pizza than to order it in from any of the pizzerias around our apartment; we really think ours is better (and have testimonials to prove it!).

We love the character of the pizzas we make, how you can taste every flavor and topping so distinctly. We feel like when you eat our pizza, you know immediately that it couldn’t have been made by anyone else, which adds a wonderful romantic quality to the act.

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It’s because of our love for the distinctiveness of our pizza that we always search for a comparable wine. A few months ago I found that distinctiveness in a bottle of Fontanafredda Barbera from the Piedmont region of Italy.

FontanafreddaBarbera is a wine that is known for its soft tannins, bright cherry flavors and high acidity. What made me fall in love with the Fontanafredda Barbera from my first sip was how well all of the flavors meld together, the bright fruit character grabs you immediately, and then the flavors of the wine last on your tongue through the finish as it trickles down your throat. It’s a wine you remember and seek out after having just one time.

Barbera is grown in several regions of Italy, but it’s in Piedmont where the best version of this wine is produced. While the Nebbiolo grape has overshadowed Barbera for some time now — it’s responsible for the Barolos and Barbarescos Italy is famous for — Barbera is starting to have its day on the American market. It’s now relatively easy to find Barbera at most wine shops around the country, which is a very good thing. The Fontanafredda is particularly easy to find, which makes me love it even more. Not only is it a stellar representation of how good Barbera can be, but it can also be found in wine sections across the country.

Several friends who I have shared this wine with have commented on how smooth and enjoyable it is to drink. It’s a crowd pleaser that’s perfect for sharing with friends, just like our pizza!