Fast Food & Fine Wine #9: Burger King Hot Dogs With Orin Swift’s Abstract

Hot dogs are as American as apple pie, or fast food. They’re the treat ordered more often than not when you’re at a baseball game, and they’re sure to be a key player at your next backyard barbecue. Which is why it may come as some surprise that until now, no national fast food chain has offered the humble hot dog as an option for hungry customers. But thankfully, Burger King has come to the rescue, to satiate our hunger for hot dogs, and bring the world into balance.

We decided to try these “flame-broiled” beauties alongside a California red blend, since, let’s be honest, all a hot dog really is is a blend of many different parts of the animal. And who better to represent a California blend than Orin Swift, the winery famous for creating The Prisoner, a wine that has reached cult status.

As we dug into both the hot dogs and the wine, we wondered, would they compliment each other, or would one dominate? And were the hot dogs even any good? You’ll have to watch to find out.