We Drank Too Much & Made Candy Infused Vodka [Recipe]

We made candy vodkaWhere do we begin?

Sometimes, the heat gets to be a little much – both around the city and in our offices – and we find ourselves wanting to try crazy things. While we’ve always enjoyed playing with infusions (especially vodka infusions), we never thought we’d try something quite this… irreverent. However, after a little thought, we decided that an ongoing office joke (candy-infused vodka) might actually be a good idea. After all, it’s an inexpensive, sweet solution to amping up some ordinary juice. It turns out this simple experiment (which you can easily do at home) produces spirits that are both colorful and yummy. Splash these vodkas in lemonade or iced tea to enjoy a drink that’s both reminiscent of childhood and a celebration of adulthood. Check it out!

Making Candy Vodka

We made candy vodka

Sour Patch Kids

These are sour patch kids

We Chose Blue Sour Patch Kids For Our Vodka

This is the sour patch kid vodka beforeThis is the sour patch kid vodka after

Tasting notes: raspberry, lemon, hand-sanitizer, blackberries.

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This is butterscotchThis is butterscotch infused vodka

Tasting notes: Butterscotch, caramel, yellow cake, marmalade.


These are skittles

We Chose Peach Skittles For Our Vodka

These is peach skittle vodka This is peach skittle vodka

Tasting notes: Peach, white sugar, melon.

Jolly Ranchers

These are jolly rachersWe Chose Cherry & Watermelon Jolly Ranchers For Our Vodka

This is jolly rancher vodkaThis is jolly rancher vodka

Tasting notes: Watermelon, golden cherries, Moscato.

The Results Were Beautiful…

Look at this beautiful candy vodkaWe Love Vodka!