6 Ways To Get Your Vitamin D From A Cocktail

Vitamin D

Not that we aren’t supportive of efforts to detoxify. We’re just not “over-committed, coffee-amped, screaming-at-the-ref soccer mom” supportive.

Those of you guys taking the slow, trudging steps towards a month of sobriety (for which we’ll all envy you after) don’t quite need our services at the moment.

But for those out there still bravely drinking, in defiance of all cultural pressure, we wanna offer a little relief—in the form of Vitamin D. With the solstice passed, the days are getting longer, but it doesn’t quite seem like it yet. So while many of us find ourselves lacking much-needed (and cheering) sunlight, we figure why not mix a little Vitamin D into the cocktail itself?

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Sure, it’s no detox, but it is a way to bring a little bit of health into a generally grim month.

Selma Cocktail from EndlessSimmer.com

Most cocktails made with eggs are made with the egg whites, rarely the whole egg (unless we’re talking a delicious Tom and Jerry or some power-packing ‘nog). But the Selma Cocktail from EndlessSimmer brands itself the perfect Easter Sunday brunch drink (why wait, though), and it turns out the vitamins, including Vitamin D, are found in the egg yolk, which is all that’s used here (plus vodka, and cream, amaretto, and cardamom).

Selma Cocktail

Vaina Cocktail from AndreasRecipes.com

Apparently a Chilean cocktail, this drink is another deluxe egg yolk delivery system, with port, cognac, cacao, sugar, cinnamon, and, oh yes, that Vitamin D-packed yolk.


Café Amande from BeardandBonnet.com – DAIRY FREE

Turns out a few of the best ways to get Vitamin D in your drink (unless you want Chanterelles in your martini) is through dairy or fortified non-dairy drinks. This recipe forgoes dairy, opting for vanilla almond milk (which is typically fortified—you could also use fortified soy milk), coffee liqueur, and coffee—meaning you’ll get two ways to put a little pep in your step.

Cafe Amande


Warm Woolly Sheep from MixThatDrink.com

This drink is well named. Scotch of your choice—though unless you’re a peat addict, we’d suggest staying away from Islays—plus Drambuie (a Scotch-based honey spiced liqueur), and milk, that classic source of Vitamin D so many of our moms pushed on us as kids.

Warm Woolly Sheep

The Truffle Pig from Saveur.com

So yeah, turns out it is pretty hard to get a significant amount of Vitamin D into a cocktail unless you’re willing to go the way of the mushroom. Not many have gone before us, but we found some brave souls who did—no surprise, from Saveur. Don’t worry, no truffles required. Instead, Vitamin D-packed Hen of the Woods (aka Maitake mushrooms) with spices, rosemary, lemon juice, and anejo tequila. Definitely a more complex way to get your vitamins, but if you make them in quantity, you’ll blow friends’ minds.

Mushroom Cocktail

Campari, Riesling and Orange Juice Cocktail from Celebrations.com

OJ has Vitamin C, but in the era of rampant cross-promotion, OJs are now doing vitamin and mineral cross-promotion. Just get one of those OJs with Vitamin D added and you’re good to go.

Campari and Orange