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According to the US Department of Education, almost two million people will graduate college this spring with a Bachelor’s degree. On top of that, 778,000 people will attain a masters and 177,000 people will earn a PhD. That’s a ton of people that are going to be in need of some good wine to pop and celebrate.

Wine is one of the quintessential ingredients when celebrating a milestone such as college graduation, both for drinking the day of the ceremony and for giving as a gift to mark the momentous occasion. With that in mind, we wanted to recommend a few bottles that are just as necessary for a graduation celebration as the cap and gown.

During the Ceremony – Underwood Pinot NoirIN CANS
Underwood Pinot Noir CanLet’s face it, the only thing the majority of us care about during the actual graduation ceremony is hearing the name of the graduate we are there to support read out as they receive their diploma. The same goes for that graduate. While all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the rest of the ceremony is nice in theory, the ceremonies are usually far too long, with speech after speech dragging things on forever. We realize all the flare is intended to help mark the momentous achievement of the graduates, but in the end most people simply want to toss their cap and get to celebrating. So why wait? We recommend smuggling in a few cans of Underwood Pinot Noir. This Pinot from Oregon is the perfect day-drinking wine: it’s light and bright with juicy fresh fruit flavors of raspberries and strawberries and not too much alcohol. Throw a couple cans in the fridge the night before and then sneak them in under your gown. Each can has 2 glasses of wine inside it. Perfect for sharing with the person sitting next to you.

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The Post Graduation Toast – Lini 910 Lambrusco
Lini 910 LambruscoAs soon as the cap has been tossed, nothing says you’ve finally made it quite like popping a bottle of bubbly. If you’re really in the mood to celebrate, you should even consider sabering it. Completing your education takes time, determination and lots of hard lessons. In celebration of the idea that all great accomplishments take time, we recommend a bottle of Lini 910 Lambrusco. The Lini family has been making sparkling wine in Italy for over a century, and they produce a white, rosé and red variety of their wine — all are fantastic. The wines are dry and delicious, plus the bottle is absolutely beautiful You can’t go wrong with this selection. Drinking a bottle of Lambrusco while everyone else is drinking a mass market sparkler also shows you picked up a bit of culture and class in college. See, you aren’t such a philistine after all.

The Bottle The Parents Buy At Dinner – Clos De Los Siete Malbec Blend
Clos De Los Siete Malbec BlendWhile this feels like the time to milk your parents for that last chunk of cash with an overly expensive bottle, you’re better than that. One of the other things you gained in college, besides your diploma, was maturity. Sure you could go all out with a red Burgundy, or a bottle of Screaming Eagle but instead show you’re still a man or woman of the people with a bottle of Malbec. Clos De Los Siete Malbec Blend is made by famous consulting winemaker Michel Rolland and is a big, luscious wine that’s just begging for the steak you’re eating to celebrate the big day.

The Bottle You Drink After You Pay Off Your Student Loans – 2010 Bordeaux
You’ve invested in yourself by getting an education, and now that means you’re going need to pay it off. With most people taking at least 15-20 years to pay off their loans from college, why don’t you go ahead and invest in a great bottle to drink when you finally do. 2010 was one of the best years Bordeaux has ever seen, so pick up a bottle in the 50 – 100 dollar range and put it away for that day when you wipe out your loans. In 20 years it should be drinking beautifully.

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