Beer Fests June

Summer is the perfect time for beer festivals. There is nothing better than hanging out outside with a bunch of friends sampling beers, lounging in the sun and probably eating something delicious served out of a truck. Beer fests are the stuff dreams are made of, and lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of every single beer festival that occurs during the greatest month of summer, the month of June. So take the knowledge we have shared and go forth, drink beer, and be merry.

June 4th

Midwest Sour+Wild+Funk Fest – Indianapolis, IN

Presented by Upland Brewing, this is the only festival in the midwest that focuses on the growing category of sour ales. We’re not sure if we’re up to the challenge of drinking sour ales in abundance, but might as well try!

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St. Michaels Brewfest – St Michaels, MD

A beer festival on a boat? Sign us up!

Pints In The Pearl – Portland, OR

4 premiere Portland Breweries – including Deschutes – pouring their best beers.

Ballpark Ale Fest – Rockford, IL

What do you do in a minor league baseball stadium when the team isn’t actually playing? You hold a beer fest of course! The lineup here features all the big national craft names, along with a good dose of local midwest players.

Rock The River – Fredericksburg, VA

Hosted by Starr Hill Brewery, this is a beer fest you can bring the whole family to with crafts, games and awesome food.

June 5th

OBX Brewfest – Nags Head, NC

A beer fest on a Sunday can be an undertaking, what with Monday right around the corner, but you’re at the beach, so at least there are probably plenty of nice places to lie down.

June 11th

Lombard Ale Fest – Naperville, IL

A great beer lineup and a ton of food trucks. Basically our ideal Saturday.

Craft Brew Circus – Santa Barbara, CA

This festival is exactly what it sounds like…we’re not sure the combination of circus performers and craft beer is at the top of most people’s wish list, but at least you’ll probably be tipsy enough to not be scared by the clowns.

Americana Beer Fest – Leesburg, VA

This is the largest lineup of breweries of any fest on this list so far, plus the fest features a BrewU experience where you can take classes from the master breweries that make some of your favorite beers. And you know how we love education.

Brewgrass – Milford, DE

Don’t confuse this fest with the much more famous one that bears the same name and occurs in the fall in Asheville, NC. At this fest you’ll get the brewing stars of Maryland and Delaware, plus some plucking good tunes.

June 18th

Oregon Garden Brewfest – Silverton, OR

What could be better than drinking beer in a garden? Yeah not much.

Chicago Ale Fest – Chicago, IL

Benefiting Grant Park, this is a massive festival that is sure to ensure you discover a few beers you love.

Washington Brewers Festival – Redmond, WA

This fest is solely devoted to beer brewed in Washington State, and with almost 100 breweries pouring, you’ll walk away with a really got idea of what the state has to offer.

Hop Blossom Craft Beer Festival – Winchester, VA

Virginians seem to really love their beer fests and we can’t say that we blame them. This one features over 40 breweries plus a homebrew competition.

June 25th

Fermentation Celebration – North Vernon, IN

Presented by a local liquor store, these guys pulled their connections to bring in a great lineup of beer and a bit of wine too.

IPA Jambeeree -Crozet, VA

This fest is devoted to one beer, and one beer only, the mighty IPA.

Craft Brew Circus – Orange County, CA

Yep, the same fest that was in Santa Barbara a few weeks ago makes its next stop in Orange County, which makes sense, since, after all, circuses travel.