JWoww tries on her new wedding dress.

Gym. Tan. Laundry. Motherhood. Jenni “Jwoww” Farley, who is widely known from MTV’s hit reality TV show Jersey Shore, is now preparing for her greatest role yet: being a wife and mother. Over the past year, Jenni gave birth to 10-month-old, Meilani, and is currently planning a wedding—which (WAIT FOR IT) will include most of the Jersey Shore cast as guests.

I caught up with Jenni to chat about her new routine; bye, bye tequila for breakfast, good morning tea and protein shakes! Jenni spoke about her relationship with BFF Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, wedding planning, and tanning. Also, I learned that her trainer is indeed Italian – in case anyone was wondering.

I read somewhere recently that you’re venturing in to the tea business, is that true?

I didn’t go into the tea business but there is a company called Lyfe Tea that makes a tea that I love and drink all the time. I use it as a detox and the results are incredible!

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Got it, so just rumors. You’ve grown up quite a bit since the Jersey Shore days! How has motherhood changed your outlook on partying?

Motherhood has changed so much for me as a whole. I’m in bed sometimes as early as 9 p.m. Everyone goes through their years of fun — mine happened to be filmed for TV. My focus now is motherhood, marriage and being an entrepreneur.

Let’s imagine you and Snooki are getting together for a day of fun. What does that look like today vs. what it looked like back then?

Our days of fun still feel the same. We shop, go out to dinner, but at the end of the day we go home to our families. It’s a whole new world these days but Nicole and I always have a blast together.

In addition to being a new mom, you’re planning a wedding! How is that going? Must be fun to choose the food/drink menu. What are some of your must-haves?

Wedding planning is so much fun! I am working with an awesome wedding planner, Robynne, from Party Extravaganza. She really keeps me in order with everything, thankfully. It’s been fun picking out the food, especially for multiple events. Dinner for my bridesmaids is being held at NoMa Social in New Rochelle. Their menu is unbelievable, so it was difficult to narrow my choices down. I wanted it all! As far as drinks, I love Viva Diva Wines, so they are one of my must haves! I also have a couple of foodie surprises for my wedding guests too.

Very nice. Since you aren’t out late much anymore, what’s your morning routine?

I always start my morning with a shake from 310 Nutrition! I love their entire product line. I eat pretty healthy, especially now that I am prepping for my wedding. I exercise daily and have recently started working out with trainer, Lou Nespoli.

Do you keep in touch with the cast of Jersey Shore? Any reunions taking place?

I keep in touch with most of the cast. Hopefully they will be joining us for our wedding!

Prior to the wedding, tanning bed or spray tan?

I love a good spray tan!

Jillian Scheinfeld is a writer and interviewer living in Brooklyn. By day she’s a publicist for a nonprofit and by night you can catch her at a concert or practicing yoga. See past work here and follow her tweets @jillianschein