Hello America. It’s time we’ve talked about a dear old friend we haven’t seen in awhile. A friend that started counting down to summer the minute Labor Day came. They love nothing more than sunshine and keeping it spicy.

It’s light, it’s fun, it’s ready to knock you out if you have too many.

You know what we’re talking about.

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We’re talking about the ever-so-glorious, margarita. Commonly known among the ~hip~ crowd as “marg,” this classic cocktail is an afternoon staple during the summer months and a necessity once one steps into a Mexican restaurant.

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The marg is like your one friend who managed to leave college on good terms with tequila. The marg is like your one friend that has a super sweet disposition, but has a little salty attitude depending on the day.

When the margs come out, you know it’s summer.

Plus, what other drink SERIOUSLY pairs so well with a boat of queso?

come to papa! ?? #margs

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Don’t like margs? #DEALBREAKER.

Honestly, margs are a LIFESTYLE.

What other drink can you order a “fishbowl” of without a side of judgment from your peers??

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The first sip of a fishbowl margarita is like no other.

They are so damn refreshing.

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And they’re the greatest thing to grace this upcoming al-fresco imbibing season.

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Outdoor drinking for DAYS.

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If we could bathe in them, we would.

Margaritas are the light at the end of a long day.

And they make work “meetings” way more tolerable.

They’re perfect for sharing…

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…or not.

But that’s just because they’re so great.

Sure, they may get their revenge after a pitcher(or three)…

…but we really should blame the tequila.

Because margs would never do us wrong.

Margs always have our back.

We will do anything for the margs.

Here’s to you margaritas.