Thanksgiving Wine Hostess Gifts

Thanksgiving is a time to show your loved ones how much you really care. So what better way to give thanks to your Thanksgiving host than with a great wine-related gift?

No matter what your host’s style, here are 9 gift recommendations that are sure to impress:

  1. This elegant House Wine Carafe will add a bit of whimsy to your host’s table. Plus, we love that it can also be used for olive oil.
    House Wine Carafe
  2. For the drama queen/king, consider The Rainman Decanter. This gift lets them “make it rain” every time they pour a glass!
    Rainman Decanter
  3. Have a Francophile in your life? Help them add a little French elegance to the table with Rouge and Blanc Carafes.
    Rouge and Blanc Decanter
  4. For the person who never seems to have enough bling on the table, the Midas Carafe will do the trick; now everything they touch will truly turn to gold.
    Midas Collection
  5. For someone whose head always seems to be in the clouds, try these Float Red Wine Glasses.
    Float Red Wine Glass
  6. For those who would rather be celebrating the Queen Mum than the Pilgrims, the Royal Doulton Wine Set might be in order.
    Royal Doulton
  7. Grape Leaf Coasters: not just for the Greeks in your life!
    Grape Leaf Coaster
  8. For the host who loves handmade items, and, let’s be honest, probably lives in Brooklyn, you can’t go wrong with Letterpress Wine Coasters.
    Letterpress Wine Coaster
  9. And, finally, for your hipster Thanksgiving: Temporary Tattoos.
    Tattly Wine Tattoos

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