These are epic songs about alcohol

Forget baseball, alcohol and music are America’s favorite passtimes. With booze often being the ultimate companion, it’s no wonder there are so many odes to Lady Liquor. We searched through different genres and time periods to bring you the most epic booze ballads out there.

1. Tequila – The Champs

Besides providing the soundtrack for that amazing tobacco tilt-0-whirl scene in The Sandlot, Tequila is an overall jam. Based on the Cuban mambo beat, Tequila was a hit in its time and continues to be covered today. Who doesn’t want to chant along?

2. Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’) – T-Pain

Anyone who isn’t automatically endeared to T-Pain should listen to his Tiny Desk Concert, where he just too adorably sings an acoustic version of this half-hilarious, half-sensual R&B jam. By the time you’re a quarter way through this song, I challenge you not to be snapping and grooving ever so slightly.

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3. Rye Whiskey – The Punch Brothers

This song details the tumultuous relationship between gritty whiskey and a young man’s soul. Frontman Chris Thile croons about how rye whiskey makes life better, but at what devastating cost? Still, in the end, he decides this is a courtship worth sticking out. Besides the instrumentals of this song being finger-picking good, Chris Thile’s dreamy voice will make any alcohol lover melt.

4. Tubthumping – Chubawamba

Many people find this ditty obnoxious. If by obnoxious, you mean incredibly catchy and the perfect ode to the ’90s, then I am one of those people. This defiant, battle cry of a song details the rather concerning drinking habits of an enigmatic man who drinks a “whiskey drink” a “cider drink” and a “lager drink.” Is he the tubthumper? FYI, according to Merriam-Webster, a tub-thumber is defined as a “vociferous supporter (as of a cause).”

5. Jockey Full Of Bourbon – Tom Waits

This raspy, complex narrative-esque drum-heavy jam was featured in the outstanding movie “Down By Law,” which happened to also star Tom Waits. The oddly soothing melody might rock you to sleep the same way the sound of oceans violently crashing against rocks would. Tom Waits tends to have that strange effect on people.

6. Corona & Lime – Shwayze

Okay, so this song isn’t really about beer. But it’s way too dance-worthy to not include. Plus, Corona is mentioned during every chorus, so that counts for something. Warning: this song will get stuck in your head to the point of finding yourself singing the racy lyrics in public.

7. Rain Is A Good Thing – Luke Bryan

This is the tune to play for people who claim they don’t like country music. This upbeat anthem thanks whiskey for all of the… uh… “relationship solving” the amber spirit is responsible for. Enjoy with barbecue.

8. Drunk In Love – Beyoncé

You don’t like this song, you say? LIAR. Who doesn’t love Beyoncé capturing the scene of a romantic night of debauchery? And she does it so well, name-dropping fancy Champagne like Armand de Brignac (acquired by hubby Jay-Z). This slinky track has the ability to transport you from from a listless work commute to a sparkling dance floor (where you’re obviously dancing well).

9. Gin and Juice – Snoop Dogg

It wouldn’t be a booze song list without this iconic gem. Gin and Juice calls out Seagram’s as Snoop’s gin of choice in this tribute to his success and originality. Although we can’t quote many of the lyrics here, we know you all know the chorus. Sing it with us now… laaaaid back, got my mind on my money and my money on my mind…