Though we may wish we did, most of us don’t live in homes with wine cellars or even enough space to accomodate our liquor collections. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find tasteful, spacially economical ways to display them. Here are nine of our favorite booze storage solutions for small spaces.

1. A simple wire mesh basket on the kitchen counter from Country Living:

Wire Mesh Basket

2. This basic, rustic shelf from Apartment Living:

liquor shelf

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3. A slightly more involved version of the wooden wine shelf, made by Del Hutson:

Wine Shelf

4. This side table that pairs as a liquor cabinet, from HGTV:

Side Table Liquor Cabinet

5. This wine barrel converted into a liquor cabinet by Instructables:

Barrel Liquor Cabinet

6. Go vertical with this 8-bottle wine rack from Wayfair:

Vertical Wine Holder

7. Duh, just put the wine fridge in the bureau! Design by Buildapedia:

Wine Fridge Inside a Bureau

8. Why not take your old retro television and make it useful again? From Home Decor Glamour:

Television Liquor Cabinet

9. They say no one uses card catalogs anymore. They were wrong. A repurposed version, from Matador Network:

Card Catalog Liquor Cabinet