Buy these amazing cocktail accessories on Etsy

You can find just about any item on Etsy, and then find other (older, cooler, cheaper) versions of it. If you’re a cocktail geek, there are literally thousands of reasons to head over to the online collection of small business venders – in the forms of classy cocktail shakers, unique glassware, and oh so much more.  Here are some of the more enviable cocktail accessories we’re adding to VinePair’s (future) expense list…

1. Silver Dragon Antique Cocktail Shaker

This is an antique silver cocktail shaker

While we normally prefer our martinis stirred, not shaken, we’d make an exception with this ornate silver shaker. Buy it here.

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2. Shell Shaped Bar Spoon Straws

These are gold leaf muddling sticksThese have dual usage: stir your drink, and take a slug. That’s what we call strategy. Buy a set of three here.

3. Julep Strainer

This is a clamshell julep strainer

Yes, The Kentucky Derby is over, but you can continue to make beautiful juleps year round with this strainer, supposedly fashioned circa the turn of the 20th century. Buy it here.

4. Adorable Deco Muddling Sticks

Check out these amazing muddling sticks

Muddling fruit or other flavorful ingredients can jazz up any cocktail – even a vodka soda. We’d like to try our hand at muddling with these 1930’s Bakelite muddling sticks. Buy them here.

5. Brass Champagne Coupes

Check out these gorgeous brass Champagne coupes

These are a non-traditional spin on arguably the most gorgeous piece of glassware out there: the Champagne coupe. These funky ’70’s glasses are great for wine cocktails and Moscow Mules alike. Buy them here.

6. Beautiful Low-Ball Glasses

Check out these black and gold whiskey low-balls

Whiskey on the rocks, anyone? Buy these glasses here.

7. Gorgeous Orange & Gold High-Balls

Check out these vintage high-balls

If you prefer your drink tall, sip from one of these stunning high-ball glasses from the ’50s. Buy them here.

8. Hammered Copper Tray

Check out this gorgeous hammered copper tray

Serve up all of your cocktails on this beautiful, hammered copper tray. Yes, you’ll shell out around $200, but your drinks will look utterly presentable. Buy it here.

9. Italian Drink Trolley

Check out this Italian bar cart

For those of us who live in smaller apartments and cram our booze under our sinks, this 1960’s Italian bar cart is the ultimate fantasy. Just look at that detail, those cupholders, those oversized wheels! Buy this beauty here.

…And Of Course, This Vintage Bourbon

Check out this vintage bourbon

Because really, what are all these accessories without Kentucky straight bourbon from the ’60s? Buy it here.