I don’t know many people who don’t love to receive the gift of wine, but sometimes it’s nice to think outside the box when it comes to giving a gift for a wine lover. Whether it’s because you’ve given this person many bottles in the past, they’re particularly picky about their wine, or they have a wine cellar that’s already packed to the brim, there are plenty of other options out there when it comes to a wine-related gift that isn’t a bottle of wine. The next time you’re invited to a wine lover’s home or the next time that person celebrates a birthday or another occasion, consider gifting one of the awesome items below. No doubt, your friend will thank you.

Wine Glass Oil & Vinegar Set

The wine glass has been given a new purpose with this oil and vinegar set. The bottles look elegant with the cap on or the cap off.
Wine Glass Oil and Vinegar Set

Bicycle Wine Rack

This is the perfect gift for a wine lover on the go.
Bicycle Wine Rack

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Revolution Wine Glasses

I received this as a gift last winter and I absolutely love them. They’re a beautiful, clean addition to any wine lover’s glassware collection.
Revolution Wine Glasses

BottleGuard Neoprene Wine Protector

Does your friend love to travel? This wine protector will ensure their wine purchase makes it home in one piece. And who knows, maybe they’ll even share some with you!
Wine Protector

Stilla Carafe

Every wine lover I know is a sucker for beautifully designed carafes and this guy will certainly brighten the eyes of the gift’s recipient.
Wine Carafe

Wine Cork Flash Drive

While this one would be great for one friend, it would be an even better gift for lots of friends. Consider buying these guys in bulk, and maybe even personalizing them — it’s also a great gift for the holidays (which, while still some months away, will surely creep up on you on, so best to get a head start).
Wine Cork Flash Drive

Green Grapes Vintage Botanical Print

An adaptation of a vintage illustration of Vitis vinifera would look great on anyone’s wall.
Green Grapes Vintage Botanical Print

Wine Skin

Made in Spain, this wineskin is crafted of black suede spanish cowhide and can carry over a bottle of wine!

Wine & Cheese Knife

Who doesn’t love a wine and cheese party? This knife will help facilitate your friend’s consumption of both of these delicious items.
Wine and Cheese Knife