Some alcohol advertising is crass, but some of it is as lovely as the feeling you get after the first sip of your martini. Close to the turn of the 20th century, a lot of alcohol advertising was ornate and artistic – maybe even rivaling the award-winning Absolut campaign. Want to take a little trip ala Midnight In Paris? Sit back and transport yourself back in time about a hundred years or so with these beautiful vintage liquor posters.

1. Martini & Rossi S.A. Torino Vermouth, Marcello Dudovich (1918)

This is a vintage vermouth ad

2. W.H.Mc. Brayer’s Cedar Brook Whiskey, Artist Unknown (Circa 1892-1893)

This is a vintage whiskey ad

3. Cognac Poster for Cognac Jaquet, Camille Bouchet, (Circa late 19th century-early 20th century)

This is a vintage cognac ad

4. Absinthe Poster, Leonetto Cappiello (Circa Late 19th Century – Early 20th Century)This is an absinthe poster

5. Various Ads For Liquor Stores, Pacific Wine & Spirits Review Catalogue (Volume 29, 1892-1893)

This is a retail ad

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6. Relsky Vodka Ad, Leonetto Cappiello (Circa 1920)This is a relsky vodka ad

7. Cherry Rocher Liquer Ad, Artist Unknown (Circa 1922)This is a liqueur ad

8. Glenmore Distilling Co. Ad (1892-1893)This is a Glenmore Distilling ad

9. Contratto Poster, Leonetto Cappiello (1922)This is a Contratto ad