While Bordeaux’s wines are incredible, the region isn’t famous for its highly coveted wine alone. The chateaux that dot the region are impressive to behold in their own right, and while most of the gates of these chateaux are locked to all but the owners, some open they doors and actually allow those without a blood right to inhabit these magnificent structures – for one night or as long as your wallet can stomach it.

A Castle Behind The Gates

Castle Behind GatesUnlock the gate and reveal a quaint chateau that’s perfect for “hiding out” for a while.

A High-Class Dinner Party

Dining RoomImagine the parties you’ll throw around this dining table fit for royalty.

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Windows With Views Of The Water

Maison StreamLocated on a quaint stream, this chateau will help you appreciate the maritime climate of the region, which is responsible for creating its stellar wines.

Entertain In A Grand Room

Grand StaircasePretend you’re hosting nobility is this spacious hall. Have your guests enter down the grand staircase for a night to remember.

Escape To A Country Chateau

grand-giteLocated among forests and vineyards, this chateau is ideal for nature lovers.

A “Cottage” With A Pool”

Cottage PoolJust tell your friends you decided to go rustic.

A Chateau On A Waterfall

Chateau-de-LaubardemontOk, so this isn’t technically a waterfall, but who will judge when they see you inhabiting this amazing structure?

A City Chateau

cheateau-emirolSome people opt for the country, but why not opt for the city? Plus, this way you’re closer to all the great restaurants Bordeaux has to offer.

One Chateau To Rule Them All

bordeaux-chateau-and-vineyardYep we saved the best for last. This place is sick. Rent it and be the envy of everyone. Oh, and it comes with its own vineyard…