8 Surprisingly Healthy Cocktail Recipes: INFOGRAPHIC

When we think of cocktails and beer and how healthy each class of drink is, many folks just assume that a few belly-bloating beers (popular light beers aside) would deliver more calories than a few cocktails. In truth that’s rarely the case. When you drink a spirit straight, or with a mixer like water or even diet soda, the calorie count stays relatively low. The problem is that for many of us, cocktails often include sweet, sugary mixers, from soda to flavored syrups. It’s those mixers that pack in the calories — by the hundreds — even in small servings. That said, we sorted through the dietary data for hundreds of popular drinks to pull out eight surprisingly low-calorie cocktails. Explore and enjoy!

The calorie counts listed are rounded, approximate numbers, based on the recipes. If you up the serving size the calories can climb quickly!

8 Surprisingly Healthy Cocktails