If you’re not a beer drinker, then you may be watching the St. Patrick’s Day countdown clock in your neighborhood Irish pub with dread. For you, the holiday has always been an onslaught of pressure to imbibe with a drink you dislike. But there’s hope for you yet, as there are plenty of ways to get spirited this St. Patty’s Day without cracking a single beer. Here are our 8 favorite cocktails for celebrating the Irish holiday.

Enjoy the luck of the Irish with this Irish Kiss by What To Drink:


Shamrock Juice by Mix That Drink:


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This Irish Julep by Basel Hayden’s:


This Midori Sour Recipe by Mom On Timeout:


This Green Apple Martini By Taste of Home:


This Irish Buck Cocktail By The Comfort Of Cooking:



Minty and Boozy St. Patty’s Day Iced Coffee By Foxes Love Lemons:


Or You Could Always Just Go For A Classic, No-Frills Grasshopper: