8 Great Holiday Wine Crafts

It’s December. There’s a chance there’ll be more than a few corks and empty bottles lying around. (And we mean before the season is over.)

Why bring that all out to the recycling? First of all, you know your neighbors are shaming you from the window as you dump that baker’s dozen of wine bottles into the trash bin. But there’s just also a lot of fun stuff—holiday fun stuff—you could be doing with your empties.*

Whether you’re a craft veteran or new to the world of felt, hot glue, and so many buttons, we’ve got the holiday wine craft to get you in the spirit. (And a glass of wine should keep you there.**)

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*Any bottles used should be rinsed and dried beforehand.
**Not actually a good idea to mix intoxication and the use of a hot glue gun.

Christmas Cork Ornaments from Wine and Cork

As far as crafting goes, this is pretty basic and easy to do. Newbie crafters, fear not. Just get a hot glue gun (any self-respecting crafter’s must-have), some ink, ribbon, and glitter.

Wine Cork Ornaments

Wine Cork Rudolph from Twenty Something

All you need to add to your craft supply for this one are some googly eyes, pipe cleaner, and yes, a little red pom-pom for that famous schnoz.

Wine Cork Reindeer

Wine Bottle Light from Wit and Whistle

Giving new meaning to the term “get lit,” this one will require some heavy duty equipment—safety goggles, a drill, and a ½” glass drill bit. But arm up and your reward is a glowing centerpiece that’ll make all your friends wonder why the hell they’re not filling their empties with Christmas lights.

Wine Light Bottle

Wine Glass Candle Holders from Interior Designing Blog

Among the cheapest, easiest, prettiest, and annoying “why didn’t I think of that” ideas out there. Just invert wine glasses over some holiday flora (holly, ivy, juniper branches, etc.). Make sure they’re steady on your table and top with tea candles. You are a design genius.

Wine Glass Candle Holders

Wine Bottle Advent Calendar from Style Me Pretty

One way to make sure you’re fully buzzed by Christmas. All you need here is the ability to make a label that sticks. (More festive decorating on the label will convince people you actually care about the holidays and this isn’t just an excuse to drink.)

Wine Bottle Advent Calendar

Wine Cork Christmas Wreath from Cork and Spoon

Whip out the ol’ hot glue gun for this one. You’ll also need a basic straw wreath form (only a few bucks) and some floral wire, as well as any seasonal décor you want. Oh, and 200 corks. Assuming you haven’t been celebrating early and often, you can buy extras at most craft stores.

Wine Cork Christmas Wreath

Wine Glass Snow Globe by Consumer Crafts

Supplies are a bit more involved here (you’ll either need a scalloped craft punch or good scissor skills, plus fake snow, and wooden doll pin heads) but the results are just damn adorable. Good for kids, too (supervised, of course), since you’ll be using store-bought plastic wine glasses. And adults aren’t supposed to like snow globes anyway…Right?…

Snow Globe

Glitter Champagne Bottle from Celebrations.com

So easy you could actually do this after polishing off a bottle of NYE Champagne. Just an empty bottle of bubbly, spray glue, and glitter—most of which you should have on hand if you’re doing the holiday craft season justice.

Glitter Champagne Bottle