As a resident of Georgia’s Coastal Plain, it’s already absolutely sweltering outside and it’s a lot to handle. In fact, it’s hard to truly enjoy a glass of Merlot when it’s 87 percent humidity. And obviously, we’re not going to stop drinking just because it feels like an inferno outside the front door.

Thus, wine slushies were born.

It’s simple and delicious. Wine, ice and even some fruit if you’re feeling adventurous. These adult slushies are just what the doctor ordered for this growing heat. Here are some of our favorites.

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Wine Slushy by Tasty Ever After

basic wine slushie
Wine Type: All’s fair in love and slushies. Pick your favorite vino!
Why This Slushy: It’s simple and clean. This recipe just needs a bottle of wine and some ice cube trays.
Where To Enjoy: On your porch/balcony/rooftop after a ridiculously long day at work.

Wine Slush by Love Grows Wild

Wine Slush
Wine Type: Recommends Moscato – We suggest a Riesling
Why This Slushy: It’s one of the more simple slushies. All it requires is frozen fruit of your choice and wine.
Where To Enjoy: Last minute decision in your kitchen before running out to the pool.

Wine Smoothie by Cooking With Curls

wine smoothie
Wine Type: Moscato – Can substitute with any sweet white wine
Why This Slushy: This one is a bit smoother and features a blend of mixed berries.
Where To Enjoy: Perfect for a picnic with your mother-in-law.

Blueberry Cream Wine Slush by Hungry Couple NYC and U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council

blueberry cream slush
Wine Type: Any white wine – We suggest dry to balance the ice cream.
Why This Slushy: This slushy is very unique because it mixes the idea of a slush and a milkshake.
Where To Enjoy: Sitting on the back deck under a set of perfectly dim string lights.

Peach & Honey Sangria Slushies by Snappy Gourmet

peachy honey
Wine Type: White Wine – Riesling is suggested
Why This Slushy: Because it’s a sangria, it’s a little more potent with the added booze. Plus, who doesn’t love honey???
Where To Enjoy: In the kitchen as you laugh at the heat outside and embrace the A/C wrapping you like a chilled blanket.

Riesling Strawberry Slushies by With Style and Grace

riesling strawberry
Wine Type: Dry Riesling
Why This Slushy: The color is gorgeous and the hint of lime takes it to the next level.
Where To Enjoy: On the beach with sunglasses and a gorgeous floppy hat.

Rose Slushy by Style Me Pretty

rose slushy
Wine Type: Rosé
Why This Slushy: The blend of fragrances is amazing with the added Belvoir Elderflower & Rose lemonade.
Where To Enjoy: Eating brunch on a yacht that is sitting just off the coast of The Hamptons.

Strawberry and Peach Wine Slushy by A Turtle’s Life For Me

strawberry peach
Wine Type: Chardonnay
Why This Slushy: The two-tone coloring and flavors are super fun and extremely tasty.
Where To Enjoy: Perfect for the adults to enjoy at the kid’s birthday party.