Recipes For 7 Wine Smoothies

Theoretically, wine and smoothies tend to work in opposite directions. One powers you up. You add things like kale and protein powder to it. The other helps you power down after a long day. You tend to consume it alongside some less healthy stuff like cheese and crackers.

People are wild, however, persevering despite these seemingly disparate uses to create, yes, the wine smoothie. At first glance, the idea seems a bit bizarre. But the more we read about them, the more delicious they sound. And with all that fruit and added vitamins, they make it a lot easier to rationalize drinking wine (as part of a balanced breakfast, that is).

Best part, almost all of these top out at three or four ingredients. Easy to make, ridiculously easy to drink.

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Moscato and Berries from Cooking with Curls

Cooking with Curls

Say what you will about sweet wine (and some of us tend to love it, by the way), it fits in perfectly with this ultra simple smoothie. Just some frozen berries and a sweet white wine like Moscato d’Asti and you have a nice chilled way to get at least one serving of fruit for the day.

Raspberry Chocolate Wine Smoothie from Cookie Rookie

Cookie Rookie

OK, now we’re turning up the heat. Or cold. Whatever. You’re gonna have to purchase a bottle of chocolate wine for this one—just don’t make eye contact with the cashier, it’s fine. But blend in some almond milk and fresh raspberries and it’s kind of incredibly delicious.

Purple School Bus Shot from She Knows

Purple School Bus Shot

Kind of a deconstructed smoothie. Between the red wine and fresh blueberries, this shot is packed with antioxidants and good stuff. Just blend up the berries, make a quick simple syrup, combine with wine and chill. Then, yes, you and some buddies shoot them back before the actual school bus shows up.

Wine Smoothie with Mango and Pineapple from Crazed Mom

Crazed Mom

If there is indeed a Crazed Mom out there, we’re guessing this is how she chills out after a long day of mom-ing. Super simple to make—just grab some frozen pineapple and mango chunks (you can go fresh, too, but you’ll have to add ice cubes), chuck in a bottle of white wine (not necessarily sweet), and blend it up. Tangy, bright, a liquid version of that tropical vacation you can’t actually take the kids on.

Raspberry Red Wine Slushy from Maebells


It makes sense that a lot of these recipes involve berries. They blend well with the flavor templates you’ll find in wine. But this recipe ups the ante with some chocolate whipped cream that kind of melts into the smoothie and makes it one creamy explosion of deliciousness.

Strawberry Prosecco Slushie from Snappy Gourmet

Snappy Gourmet

Brighter flavors here with orange juice and frozen strawberries. A little extra fun with some bubby prosecco, which makes it a nicely fizzy little slushie.

Boozy Smoothie from Lilies and Loafers

Lilies and Loafers

Another variation here—you get some creaminess and extra tang from yogurt. (Don’t worry, it’s good.) And still like all these smoothies, it’s incredibly simple to make. A few ingredients, a blender, and ideally a hammock when it’s time to sit back and drink.