Whisky Tasting

Whiskey — or Whisky, depending on how you spell it and what region of the world it’s made in — can be a very confounding thing indeed. There are so many different styles and flavors, blends, single malts, single barrels, small batch, corn, rye, Irish, Scottish, Tennessee; it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. So how does one go about gaining a grasp on this delicious caramel spirit, ultimately identifying the styles they prefer? One of the best ways is by attending a whiskey tasting. Here’s why:

You Get To Taste A Lot Of Whiskey You Normally Wouldn’t Buy

Let’s face it: a lot of whiskey, especially the really good stuff, can be on the pricier side, and no one wants to take a risk on a bottle that they aren’t going to enjoy after the first glass. Sure, you could make cocktails with the rest, but a cocktail is always better if you also enjoy the liquor that is being used to make it. By attending a tasting you get to try lots of different whiskies without buying each individual bottle.

You Get To Compare Whiskies To One Another, Side-By-Side

Perhaps you don’t know if you prefer Bourbon to Scotch, Blended to Single Malt, or which area of Scotland’s Single Malt you prefer. Attending a tasting allows you to sample these different whiskies alongside one another and figure it all out for yourself, since you’re the only one who truly knows what you like.

You Can Ask Stupid Questions

At a bar, or a friend’s house who happens to be a whiskey snob, you might not feel comfortable asking what makes an Islay scotch so smoky, or what a barrel char level is, but at a tasting you have the opportunity to ask those questions without fear.

You Get To Figure Out What’s Popular

Ever wonder what whiskey people are obsessed with – besides Pappy, that is – and why they like it in the first place? At a whiskey tasting all you have to do is observe which booth people seem to be swarming, and head over for a sample yourself. Then it’s up to you to decide if you side with the crowd or want to go your own way.

You Get To Talk To Actual Producers

At tastings, often the people doing the pouring are also the people that made the whiskey. And that means you have access to the source of the delicious libation in your glass. Ask them whatever question you want, including how they’d serve it – some might even tell you with ice!

You Might Get To Try Something Rare

Depending on the tasting you’re attending, some producers like to bring a bottle or two that isn’t readily available, which allows you to taste something many others have not. That’s instant whiskey street cred.

You’ll Meet Other People Who Love Whiskey

Want recommendations on great bars with great whiskey selections or delicious cocktails? Chances are you’ll make a few friends at a tasting event, and they’ll know where to go!

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Image provided by Sergiy Palamarchuk / Shutterstock.com