7 Last-Minute Wine Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s the 11th hour and you still don’t have a Halloween costume. Don’t worry, we’ve been there before too – a few too many times, in fact. But since you love to drink wine, why not incorporate vino into your costume? We all know you’re already going to be drinking it with your Halloween candy anyway. While some of these costumes may take a little bit of time to make, that’s what a “sick day” or last minute “doctor’s appointment” is for. So ditch the job, head to the craft store, and put on one of these great costumes tonight.

Boxed Wine

All it takes is a moving box, a color printer and some tape!

Boxed Wine

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A Barrel Of Wine

Head to Home Depot, grab some wood, metal brackets and you have barrel!
Wine Keg

Wine Snob

An Ascot, a blazer and an oversized glass of red and you’re good to go.
Wine Snob

Cork Man

Ok so this may take a bit longer than one “sick” day, but all you need is some extra corks and a bunch of glue!
Cork Costume

A Bunch Of Grapes

Blow up a ton of purple balloons and turn yourself into a bunch of grapes.
Grape Costume


A sheet and a bottle of wine, and you’re the god of wine.

Your Favorite Bottle Of Wine

Print out your favorite wine’s label, make a cork hat and wear purple clothes. You’re ready for Halloween!
Your Favorite Bottle of Wine