If you’re a certain age, one which is older than you’d like to think about, the NES and its early-to-mid 1980s franchise games hold a special place in your heart. From Mario to Mike Tyson, no graphics can ever rival certain characters in their 8-bit glory. With that in mind, we decided to combine our childhood obsession with our current one. The result: 8-bit Nintendo wine labels.

Mario & Luigi

Mario And Luigi As An 8-bit Wine Label

Princess Peach

Princess Peach As An 8-bit Wine Label

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Bowser As An 8-bit Wine Label

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong As An 8-bit Wine Label

Mike Tyson (Punch-Out !!)

Mike Tyson As An 8-bit Wine Label

Link (Zelda)

Zelda As An 8-bit Wine Label

P.S. – While we tried to stay as faithful as possible to the 1980s we’ve taken some liberty with the appearance of the characters.