Wear these shoes when you're drinkingWhen it comes to dressing up for a night on the town, the shoe struggle is always the greatest fashion dilemma. Do you wear shoes that will inspire you to strut up to the bar and kick back shots of peated whiskey, or shoes that will prevent you from falling on your face once you’ve consumed said booze? Luckily, there is solidarity in numbers – many before you have faced this exact quandary. You don’t have to sacrifice a beautiful pair of shoes for the sake of drinking safety. Try one of these slippers on for size and channel your inner Cinderella – that is, if Cinderella hit up the ball’s open bar and managed to hold onto her kicks.

Clarks Orla Blanche Navy Floral Women’s Shoes

Wear these shoes when you're drinkingThese shoes could be completely hip or something your Crazy Aunt Harriet would wear. Either way, they have a certain charm that makes them endearing and cute. Best of all, these give you a pop of height and attitude while still allowing you to dance or walk in a straight line. Buy them here.

Steve Madden Valine Shoes

Wear these shoes when you're drinkingDon’t give up on Steve Madden just because you’ve graduated high school. While sky-high, these shoes are wicked comfy. Those thick, bandage-like straps keep your foot firmly planted in the ultra-tall heels. These shoes are also affordable, and go with everything from skinny jeans to an LBD. Buy them here.

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Rag & Bone Leopard Print Newbury Ankle Boots

Wear these shoes when you're drinking

Splurge time. Yes, these boots are crazy expensive, but they’re also outrageous and outrageously foxy. While these might cause a bit of ankle pain after hours and hours on your feet, they certainly won’t inspire the same suffering (and danger) that comes with a pair of stilettos. They also add a nice hint of flashiness to a more conservative outfit. Buy them here.

French Sole Classic Ballet Flat In Turquoise


Wear these shoes when you're drinking

Don’t fear the ballet flat. These are great for everyday use and toddling about after a round of cocktails. The bright turquoise color will steal the show and make everyone forget you’re wearing the flattest flats in all of the land. Wear these with a dainty ensemble or throw in some contrast and add a leather jacket for biker-ballerina chic. These timeless shoes work with everything. Buy them here.

Irregular Choice Ardor Day Heel On ModCloth

Wear these shoes when you're drinking

These shoes are not for the faint of heart. Colorful, proud, and shockingly easy to walk around in, the Ardor Day Heel pairs well with the most dreamy, wacky craft cocktails. We do recommend breaking these in by walking around in them within the safe and sober confines of your home. However, once you stretch these heels out a little, they should be good for long hours of imbibement. Buy them here.