Painting your nails alongside a glass of wine can be tricky business, but what if you featured your glass of wine on your nails? Some manicure geniuses have so much passion for #WineWednesday, they wanted to have wine at their fingertips at all times, so they created these amazing wine-themed manicures. While these intricate wine designs may seem impossible to complete on your own, fear not! Use bits of tape or stickers to outline the main design on your nail. Paint the background of each nail first. After that dries, paint each featured design. Use a black nail pen to outline the designs and make them look salon perfect. Get your inspiration from the designs below! Warning: don’t drink and nail paint at the same time.

1. Merlot Nails

Check out this cool wine manicure

Who’s ready for some red wine? Get the look.

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2. Riesling Nails

Check out these amazing wine manicures

This manicure is pretty sweet, even if you like your Riesling dry. Get the look here.

3. Drink The Whole Bottle Nails

These wine manicures are gorgeous

The glass is only there as a suggestion. Get the look here.

4. Sparkly Tangled Vine Nails

These wine manicures rock

Let your nails reflect your wine drinking habits and your glamor. Find the look here.

And finally…

5. The Equal Opportunity Drinker

These wine manicures rock

You like beer, you like wine. Maybe you like beer that tastes like wine. If you’re an equal opportunity drinker, this is the nail art for you. Get the look here.