With empty wine bottles frequently overflowing out of my recycling bin, I often dream of finding the time to make use of my creative energy and turn them into a new household item. Now, please note that I used the word “dream,” in the last sentence. This time I’d like to find, well, it never really appears. And that’s where Etsy comes in.

Etsy is an absolute treasure trove when it comes to finding interesting handmade items. While you sometimes have to dig a little, there are some amazing individuals who have made it their job (or side job) to turn their creative energy into beautiful home goods (etc.), and I’m happy to reap the benefits.

And while I’m sure I could spend the time figuring out how to make some of the below ideas on my own, the fact of the matter is, it probably won’t happen any time soon, and so I’m thrilled to be a patron of the Etsy community. Today I offer a few of my favorite recent finds:

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Four beautiful tumblers by BottleOH ($33.69)



MantraGlassArt has created a great way to keep fresh herbs around the house with this basil terrarium ($22.99)

Wine Bottle Terrarium

Spoon Rest

One can never have enough spoon rests and dpholkdesigns’s flattened bottle spoon rest adds a conversation piece to the mix ($15.00)

Wine Bottle Spoon Rest

Hanging Wall Vase

A piece of functional art, this rustic wine bottle hanging vase by MadeInAldie is stunning ($39.00)

Wine Wall Vase


The perfect center piece for a dining area, IndustrialLightWorks’s recycled wine bottle chandelier is worth the splurge ($299)

Wine Chandelier