3 Of Our Favorite Mulled Wine Recipes [ILLUSTRATED INFOGRAPHIC]

One drink and one drink alone embodies the holiday season in a warm glass, and that drink is not eggnog, it’s mulled wine. No other drink says winter and its flavors are finally here quite like it, plus both the alcohol and the warm temperature of the beverage are just what you need to get through any freeze.

Unlike eggnog, which can maybe trace its origin back to the 1700s, and even that is debatable, mulled wine has been around since the Romans made it in the second century, and it’s only gotten better with age. This is the drink you should have in your hand while you cozy up to the fire.

Since everyone has there own favorite mulled wine recipe, whether it’s one that’s been in your family for generations, or one you happened upon while searching and just stuck with, we decided to share three of ours. All have very different flavors, but we think you’ll agree that these mulled wines from Jamie Oliver, Ina Garten and Martha Stewart are perfect for the season.

Illustrated Infographic: 3 Of Our Favorite Mulled Wine Recipes