Drinking is not just a weekend affair, anyone who tells you that simply doesn’t understand how important wine is to you.

1. Because you lived today. Breathing takes effort. Use the energy you have left to grab a glass of Pinot.

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2. Because work sucks and wine helps you cope.

3. Because Starbucks spelled your name wrong again.

4. Because it’s ‘Messed Up Monday’ or ‘Boozeday Tuesday’ or ‘Wine Wednesday’ or ‘Thirsty Thursday’ or ‘Freaky Friday’.

5. Because your mother is coming into town.

6. Because these grapes have worked hard and for you to not drink them is not only a disservice to them but a disservice to yourself.

7. Because someone ruined game of thrones for you.

8. Because you packed your lunch.

9.Because summer might be approaching but we both know the whole diet and exercise thing isn’t happening anyway.

10.Because your Instagram picture surpassed 10 likes.

11.Because your commute went faster than you expected so now you have to do something with all of that extra time.

12.Because you managed to escape Whole Foods with a sliver of your paycheck.

13.Because red wine is good for you in many different ways.

14.Because after staying with your parents they gave you food and now you have more money to budget for wine.

15.Because you got spaghetti sauce on your new shirt and now your evening has shattered into exactly 27,305 pieces.

16.Because you found that bottle of wine with the post-it saying ‘For when Josh/Jane breaks up with me.’

17.Because some peasant thought to question your authority today, and you refrained from destroying them.

18.Because you found (wine) money on the ground.

19.Because you left your favorite sunglasses in the cab. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

20.Because your favorite store had a sale where you actually didn’t have to spend $200 to get 20% off.

21.Because you are a strong, independent person and you can drink if you want to.

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21 Excuses To Drink Wine!