Do you have a unique relationship with wine that no one seems to understand? Here are some scenarios to which you can likely relate:

1. I know what I want

2. The newest line of workout equipment

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3. I value personality in my man

4. A grapevine a day keeps the doctor away

5. WARNING: Don’t assume the sippy cup is child-friendly

6. Wake me up at wine o’clock

7. Name a better pairing

8. I’m not sure my therapist can help me through this one

9. Thoughts for a low-budget honeymoon

10. Keep your corkscrew in shape for high performance

11. This is how I met my last five boyfriends

12. Jesus, can you please help me out with this one? #Water2Wine

13. Who says you can’t find love on Tinder?

14. What to expect if you call my emergency contact

15. Turning group-hugs into group-chugs

16. The real deal breaker

17. You’ll be benching 300 in no time

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17 Memes Only True Wine Lovers Will Understand