11 U.S. Beer Bars You Need To Visit Before You Die

We all have those special bars that we just love, but some bars are not only special to us, they’re incredible no matter who you are. These are bars that are worth seeking out, if only to enjoy just one pint. The experience and the journey is worth it. Here are 11 of those such bars. Grab a bar stool at one of them soon.

The Brickstore – Atlanta, Georgia

Courtesy The Brickstore

Arguably the bar that taught Atlantans to drink good beer, this place is a mecca for anyone that loves beer, especially of the Belgian variety. The darkly lit interior is reminiscent of an old abbey, and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable. Plus the food is pretty delicious as well.

Kennedy School – Portland, Oregon

Kennedy School
Courtesy The Kennedy School

Located in a converted elementary school, McMenamins bought the school and converted it into a hotel, restaurant, bar and brewery. It makes for one of the most unique drinking experiences you’ll ever have, especially when you wind up in a bar named “detention.”

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Burp Castle – New York, New York

Burp Castle
Courtesy Burp Castle

All hail this temple of suds where you aren’t allowed to speak above a whisper. Seriously…other patrons will shush you.

Draught House – Austin, Texas

Courtesy Draught House Austin

Whether you choose to hang out in the parking lot in your own chair, as the regulars do, or head inside to sample one of the 70+ beers on tap, you’ll have a hard time not having fun here.

Father’s Office – Los Angeles, California

Fathers Office
Courtesy Father’s Office

One of the best complements to a good beer is a fantastic burger, and this place has one of the best around – the rumors are true. Plus their selection of beer is incredible. These guys are basically the ambassadors of craft beer in LA.

El Bait Shop – Des Moines, Iowa

El Bait
Courtesy El Bait Shop

When you pull up to this bar, you may think it’s more of a hangout spot for bikers than a place for beer, but they take their suds extremely seriously, even claiming to have the world’s largest selection of American craft brews on tap – there are over 100.

124 Old Rabbit Club – New York, New York

rabbit club
Courtesy 124 Old Rabbit Club

Head down a set of metal stairs just off Macdougal street and press the illuminated buzzer. If there’s room inside the door will open and you’ll be treated to a geeky selection of beer you won’t soon forget.

HopCat – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Courtesy HopCat

There are a few HopCats that have opened in recent years, but you want to head to the original, which is responsible for helping introduce the public to some of the best craft beers the state of Michigan has to offer, including mega hit Founders.

Palm Tavern – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

palm tavern
Courtesy Palm Tavern

This bar can be a bit tough to find – which locals love, and is why they aren’t too keen on places continuing to talk about it – but once you do, you’ll also find one of the best beer lists in the country, especially if you’re a fan of brews made in Belgium.

Ebenezer’s Pub – Lovell, Maine

Courtesy Ebenezer’s Pub

This bar is located in the middle of nowhere, seriously, you are only going to Lovell, ME for this bar and this bar only — there is nothing around for miles. But Ebenezer’s has one of the best beer selections in the country – over 700 bottles – and you get to consume those beers while hanging out in an old converted farm house, so the trip to the middle of nowhere is totally worth it. There is a reason it has been named best beer bar in America several times.

The Thirsty Monk – Asheville, North Carolina

Thirsty Monk
Courtesy The Thirsty Monk

Asheville is currently the most exciting place in the country for craft beer, and this bar is ground zero. Head here to sample all North Carolina has to offer, and more.