This Christmas it’s time to save your everyday glassware and accessories for the rest of the year and whip out the festive stuff instead. Don’t have the festive stuff? Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite accessories for you holiday table. They’re sure to add an additional sparkle to your holiday.

Acorn Wine Charms

acornThese festive charms add a nice burst of color to your holiday table, and are a great gift to give to a host.

Festive Wine Charms

festive-wine-charmsWith so many people around the table, it’s often easy to mix up glasses, and no one wants Aunt Ethel’s cold. No fear, just give everyone one of these adorable wine charms, and they’ll never mix up their glasses again.

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A Star The Color Of Wine

starGive your tree a lovely dose of wine with this beautiful ornament.

White Wine Napkins

White Christmas WineLet your guests know where you’re coming from as soon as they sit down to the table.

Santa Bottle Stopper

Santa Bottle StopperHad too much wine? Save the rest for later with this adorable stopper from Pottery Barn.

A Vintage Bottle Coaster

Wine CoasterOk, so this isn’t technically vintage–it’s made to look vintage–but still, it makes the table seem classier. Plus, less chance of wine drips on the tablecloth.

Christmas Tree Bottle Stopper

tree stopperWhy decorate a whole tree when you can just place a bottle with this stopper inside it in the center of the table?

Tree Decanter

tree decanterNow this is my kind of Christmas tree.

Reindeer Serving Tray

reindeer serverMake sure everyone remembers how Santa’s getting to all those houses with this beautiful serving tray that is just begging to be filled with cookies.

Cabin Shot Glasses

cabin shot glassesA perfect way to end the meal, or start it, if that’s what helps you get through it!