Reviewed on 02-12-2019
Rating A
Style Red
Vintage 2016
ABV 13.5%
Price $20.00  Buy This Wine

Perfect For

Dinner Parties, Popping Bottles, Treat Yo'self, White Wine Lovers Craving Red

Drink If You Like

Nebbiolo, Sangiovese , Tempranillo

The Full Review

This wine is young and alive! It has structure and elegance and in this youthful phase of the wines life, it is singing. Bright, ripe, crushed cherry fruit on the nose, along with hints of rose petals, soil and something akin to cooked game. The acidity is just right bringing that classic Sangiovese tang to the front which plays with the well integrated tannins, softening them just so. This wine is classic Classico in classic Greve style. At $20 this is one hell of a steel. This is the kind of wine that compels you to have an impromptu get together over some good food and wine, this wine.