Reviewed on 08-24-2018
Rating A-
Style Porter
Produced In Atlanta, Georgia
United States
ABV 6.6%
Availability Limited

Perfect For

Cold Weather Hibernation, Dinner With The Parents, Netflix And Chill, Sweet Tooth Cravings

The Full Review

Opaque black in the glass with a rocky brown head, Exodus is indeed a departure from the typical summer seasonal. However, don't be afraid to warm up with this Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee-steeped brew. Aromas of hot cocoa powder and espresso foam dominate the nose, while rich flavors of roasted malt, dark chocolate, and piney hops play on the palate. Sweet upfront with a bitter finish, there's plenty to explore in between; give it time to open up to more sweet and savory chocolate and coffee notes as it warms. Sipping this even on a hot summer day, we found ourselves lamenting the bottom of our empty glass.