Reviewed on 09-26-2017
Rating A
Style Pumpkin Beer
Produced In Massachusetts
United States
ABV 5.7%
Availability Fall

Perfect For

Cold Weather Hibernation, Last Minute Wine Runs, Sipping Without Food

The Full Review

Samuel Adams found a nice balance of pumpkin flavors and beer with their 20 Pounds of Pumpkin. It’s a clear amber beer with a nose in line with what you’d expect if you picked up something with a pumpkin on the label. The beer rides the line between the extremes of the pumpkin spice crowd and the beer lover crowd, and tastes like some marketing research went into this to find the perfect balance on the flavor scale. That’s perfectly fine, because there’s nothing like a beer that listens to what the people want without abandoning its roots as an actual, drinkable, sessionable, alcoholic beverage.