Reviewed on 08-10-2018
Rating A
Style IPA, Session IPA
Produced In Middlebury, Vermont
United States
ABV 5.5%
Availability Year Round

Perfect For

All-Day Sipping, Backyard BBQs, Boozy Beach Trips, Starting The Night

The Full Review

As the name suggests, Otter Creek's Daily Dose IPA is an anytime occasion, provided you are prepared for invigorating refreshment and flavor in a low-alcohol package. Dank, tropical fruit aromas dominate the nose, with syrupy mango, canned peaches, and a hint of passionfruit coming to the forefront. The palate, however, is followed by a delightfully light malt profile, a deft combination of two-row and rolled oats, allowing  fruity flavors from the hops—juicy IPA's telltale Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic—to follow through without being overbearing. The finish is bitter enough to remind you this beer isn't as sweet as it smells, but soft enough on the palate that it begs another sip, and perhaps another can, and perhaps another can after that.