Reviewed on 02-14-2017
Rating A+
Style Milk Stout
Produced In United States
ABV 6%
Availability Year Round

Perfect For

Cold Weather Hibernation, Last Minute Wine Runs, Netflix And Chill

The Full Review

Hot days don’t have a monopoly on refreshment. People need to be refreshed in cold weather too. Still, not any beer can be a refreshing cold weather beer. It needs to be versatile; you've got to feel satisfied after your fingers feel on the verge of frost bite and after you’ve worked up a sweat because you wore too many layers. Not every beer can do it. One of the beers that can is Left Hand Brewing Company’s Nitro Milk Stout. It’s jet black with a thick head of foam. There are notes of chocolate coffee, and a subtle bitterness toward the end. The weight of the beer in your mouth feels like 2 percent milk, and it has a milky sweetness that’s cool and refreshing, rather than sugary. It’s the type of beer you want to drink when you escape the cold, but it's also perfect for dessert. Swap it out for milk next to your cookies. The Nitro Left Hand is similar to the regular Milk Stout by Left Hand except for one thing: It uses nitrogen instead of CO2. CO2 beers have bigger carbonation, whereas nitrogen adds a creamy feel. Nitrogen beers also cascade into a thick head of foam that’s noticeably different from your average beer. Left Hand labels itself as “America’s Stout,” and they take the image of their beer seriously; so seriously that they put out a how-to video on how to pour a nitro beer (make it cold, use a 16 ounce glass, and “pour hard”). Do that right and you’ve got a cold weather refresher perfect for every winter night.