Reviewed on 09-25-2017
Rating A
Style Pumpkin Beer
Produced In Delaware
United States
ABV 7%
Availability Fall

Perfect For

Last Minute Wine Runs, Picnics In The Park, Relaxing After Work

The Full Review

A brown ale with pumpkin, brown sugar, allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg. This beer is clean. There’s a certain point when you drink pumpkin beers that you realize you maybe don’t like pumpkin, you just like all the sugar and spices people associate with pumpkin. Punkin Ale puts the sugar and spices we associate with pumpkin exactly where it should be in a pumpkin beer — in the back, where it’s barely noticeable. Dogfish Head keeps it real by making it a beer first, and then gently layering in the nutmeg and cinnamon and brown sugar.