Reviewed on 08-24-2018
Rating A
Style Cream Ale
Produced In Lewes, Delaware
United States
ABV 5.6%
Availability Spring

Perfect For

All-Day Sipping, Backyard BBQs, Boozy Beach Trips, Sipping Without Food

The Full Review

Pouring a clear, pale gold with a fluffy cream head, Hand of Buddha bursts with herbal hop aromas and zingy citrus pith, both of which are atypical of the American cream ales of yore, but perfectly embody the rule-breaking defiance of craft cream ales today. What’s hiding in this deceivingly simple-looking ale are helpings of Buddha’s hand, a citrus fruit native to China and the lower Himalayas whose bright gold, finger-like form resembles the hands of the famous statue; along with Madagascar vanilla bean, which comes in subtly on the finish. Crisp, bitter, and refreshing, this spring seasonal is one to look out for if you're a citrus lover, or a simple beer lover ready for an extra kick.