Reviewed on 08-15-2018
Rating B+
Style American Wheat Ale
Produced In Comstock, Michigan
United States
ABV 5.8%
Availability Summer

Perfect For

Backyard BBQs, Boozy Beach Trips, Picnics In The Park, Summer Sipping

The Full Review

Translucent as an orange wedge and topped with a cumulus cloud-like head, Bell’s Oberon drew our panelists in with its lemony citrus and spicy yeast aromas. A touch of sweetness and a zingy finish made it extra refreshing, and its fluffy mouthfeel made it all the more alluring. At once smooth and crisp, Oberon takes on more savory notes as it sits in the glass, and each sip concludes with a soft bite. It’s the kind of beer you can chug from a pint glass and be happy to be handed another.