Reviewed on 04-01-2020
Rating B+
Style Red
Vintage 2017
New Zealand
ABV 13.5%
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Perfect For

Dinner Parties, Host/Hostess Gifting, Wine And Cheese Night

Drink If You Like

Merlot, Pinot Noir , Sangiovese

The Full Review

Want to venture outside of your regular Pinot place? This bottle is a good introduction to the style of Pinot Noir that can be found in Central Otago, New Zealand. It has rich, tart cherry feels with a slight vegetal note (kind of like the bitterness of radicchio). The mouthfeel is viscous and makes you want to chew on it. It’s soft, but has depth, and would pair well with a lamb dish or on its own, just chilling with good friends and a cheese plate.