Reviewed on 01-02-2019
Rating A
Style Red
Vintage 2015
North Coast
ABV 13.6%
Price $15.00 Value Pick  Buy This Wine

Perfect For

Dinner With The Parents, Impressing On A Budget, Weekday Dinner Pairings

Drink If You Like

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot , Pinot Noir

The Full Review

This wine definitely has some Merlot in it and that’s all good because that’s how Cali rolls with their 75% rule. Louis M. Martini is old school and was around to help bring California back after Prohibition, so they have some legit real estate in Sonoma. This wine proves that there is good, affordable wine from the Golden State out there. Soft and supple for a Cab, this wine is juicy and round with plum fruit and some vibrant red berry tones. The oak is subtle and well integrated into the wine and the tannins are balanced as well. Bring this to your parents for dinner and you are winning.