Reviewed on 12-19-2018
Rating B-
Style Red
Blend , Cabernet Franc
Vintage 2016
San Luis Obispo County
Central Coast
ABV 15%
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Perfect For

Dinner Parties, Host/Hostess Gifting, Sipping Without Food

Drink If You Like

Cabernet Franc, Merlot

The Full Review

This wine is good but I am not sure why. The label says it's a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc, yet I can't smell or taste the Cab Franc, but I still like it. The nose is not very complex, there's just basically a mixed berry compote aroma and some balsamic, but it's not a bad wine. The tannins are almost non-existent and the soft chewiness of the body slips and slides around your palate and down your throat before you can catch anything new and the short finish robs you of any memory of it, but it's a good wine. I guess sometimes homogeneity is fun. But at $53 a bottle...I am confused.