Reviewed on 04-14-2019
Rating B-
Style Berliner Weisse
Produced In Ithaca, NY
United States
ABV 4.5%
Availability Spring

Perfect For

Boozy Beach Trips, Brunch Sipping, Happy Hour

The Full Review

Cayuga Cruiser, evoking a breezy day atop the longest of the Finger Lakes, seems to draw more from Cayuga Lake's substance than its depth — it's a little watery. That said, its light body and tangy flavor are still enjoyable, if a bit lacking. In a group tasting, one taster found it balanced, its sourness in check — another, with whom I have to agree, wondered, "where's the rest?" Not a bad choice for a boat day, but I'd recommend trying one before committing to a six-pack (or the variety pack of Berliner Weisse it arrived in).