Reviewed on 01-24-2019
Rating B-
Style Red
Vintage 2014
Napa County
North Coast
ABV 14.5%
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Perfect For

Host/Hostess Gifting, Steak Dinner, Wine And Cheese Night

Drink If You Like

Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec , Touriga Nacional

The Full Review

Freemark Abbey was one of the winemaker submissions at the Judgement of Paris (red and white) which catapulted them into fame. I wish this Merlot was on par with their legacy. If you like high alcohol Merlot with a slight burn to it for that medium rare steak on a sunny day, then this is for you. Under the burn there are nice notes of licorice and plum with some cigar box thrown in and a nice acidity, but that 14.5% of alcohol comes at you first, sacrificing the initial pleasure of the characteristics.