Reviewed on 02-20-2019
Rating A+
Style Red
Vintage 2015
ABV 14%
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Perfect For

Date Night, Drinking Outside the Lines, Popping Bottles

Drink If You Like

Nebbiolo, Pinot Noir , Sangiovese

The Full Review

On the western edge of the Classico zone is one of the less talked about communes that is finally becoming more prevalent on the US market. Fattoria Cinciano (Cheen-Cha-No) is not easy to find right now but hopefully word gets out because this Riserva is wonderful. Medium bodied with bright acidity it is bursting with vibrant sour cherry and violet aromas and soft earthy tones. Everything is in balance giving all characteristics a voice with the well-woven tannin just firm enough to keep your palate stimulated for the next sip. I'm hoping to find it at a store near me soon.