Reviewed on 02-01-2019
Rating A-
Style Wit
Produced In Breckenridge and Littleton, Colo.
United States
ABV 4.8%
Availability Year Round

Perfect For

All-Day Sipping, Boozy Beach Trips, Day Trips, Picnics In The Park

The Full Review

This Belgian-style witbier pours a pale, cloudy gold, with swirls of white head that float like sea foam. Soft, spicy aromas of coriander and orange peel, both standards of the witbier style, are immediately transportive, smelling of care-free afternoons on the beach, or a crisp liquid reward after an autumn hike. The tight, tiny bubbles are lively yet gentle; the flavor is lightly spicy with citrus and peppery notes; the body is refreshing and crisp; and a faintly bitter finish fades like an ellipses.