Reviewed on 05-29-2019
Rating A
Style Sparkling Rosé
Variety , Chardonnay
Vintage 2013
Sonoma County
North Coast
ABV 12.9%
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Perfect For

End of Day Sipping, Popping Bottles, Treat Yo'self

Drink If You Like

Chenin Blanc, Pinot Gris / Grigio , Sauvignon Blanc

The Full Review

I am trying to make a case for calling bubbly from the US “American Sparklers” if you dig that term spread it around, you heard it here first. And this wine is right up there with some of the best. Bright, clean, and crisp with notes of green apple and honeysuckle. Lying just under the beautiful soft perlage (sexy talk for bubbles) there is a tinge of peach and cannabis. The mouthfeel is comfy and refreshing, quenching your thirst with every sip. This wine is definitely worth the price.